I see you’ve stumbled across my website.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and traipse these electronic pages with ease and ecstasy. Perhaps you would like to read my ramblings. I do not upload traditional posts often, but I do semi-regularly (maybe monthly-ish( update this site with pages related to other endeavors. I plan to do A LOT with this site if I ever get the time and muster up the motivation.

Who I am

I am a computer-science undergraduate. I’m a big fan of literature, particularly the classics and philosophy though I haven’t had the time at all to read anything lately. I love green tea, gardening, music, and writing. I am obsessed with all things space and astronomy. I am a devout Christian. I’m currently working on a novel and it eats up every moment of my free time like a parasite it’s a lot of fun!