Ynodiu is currently scrapped.

Ynodiu is currently scrapped, but this page will remain the same for posterity purposes.

This page is pretty much the same, but I changed some of the phrasing to the past tense where appropriate.

What is Ynodiu? What is it all about?

Ynodiu was my main project. It started out as a super-poem, a sort of meta-narrative spanning across hundreds of poems and short stories. Over the years, it has evolved into a singular worldbuilding project and was in the process of becoming a novel. As of the first of May, 2020, I have fourteen-thousand words written with an end-goal somewhere in the range of a hundred-thousand (just to make calculating percent-to-completion easier).

It’s a work of fiction. If you were to put it in a genre, it’s a cross between 15th century historic fiction, macabre, and cyberpunk (a bit light on the punk, though).

Cybernetics, Synthetics, and their context in the narrative

Ish was a godless city. So many people living below the poverty line, selling life and limb just for cheap upgrades. Many of the people in Ish weren’t even people; they’d get a synch and an input array just to swap into a synthetic body. They’d donate their original body to the company, of course. Illum couldn’t stand the thought of living in a synthetic. It had its benefits, to be sure — mechanical precision, clarity of mind, and guaranteed immortality — but it also had plenty of cons. Not sleeping, not being able to taste food, dulled sense of touch. They couldn’t fuck, either. Plenty of perfectly good synthetics died attempting to recreate sexual intercourse. A damned shame.

Cybernetic upgrades are an integral part of the culture of Ish, and many people choose to swap out their human body for a synthetic one in order to become “more perfect”. A society deeply entrenched in classism, Ish is known for discrimination of the non-upgraded. Those wealthy enough will opt to fully-upgrade their original body, but those looking to compromise will opt for the cheaper option and become a synthetic.

Synthetics, or synths, are a cheaper way to get many or all of the cybernetic upgrades without actually upgrading. The individual looking to upgrade to a synthetic body will first get a cortical synch installed, as well as a cortical input alongside it. They will then either upload the cortical synch’s data to the synthetic’s cortical input jack via hardwired transfer, or they will remove the cortical synch from the body entirely and deposit it into the synthetic’s drive slot. They will then proceed to sever the brain stem of the original body, rendering it dead, so that only one of the person exists at a time. (If they did not do this, the person’s original body would wake up and the synthetic would be operational, thus rendering two copies of the individual.)

For a list and descriptions of all the available cybernetics, click here.


The first novel in what I assume will be a series takes place after the collapse of a giant nation-state known as the Grand Inos. Incredibly technologically advanced, the Inos was a society founded on the ideals of multicultural pluralism; they were a union of multiple planetary civilizations and the capital state of a large federation.

All organic life on the mainland was obliterated, and the peninsula of Ynodiu was the sole area unaffected by the catastrophe. 247 years later, there are seven free-cities and two large kingdoms, as well as two arcologies at the time the story begins.

A rogue brigadier from the kingdom of Aia slays a baron and claims barony for himself, founding his own kingdom and dynasty. He is later found bound to his own bed and shivved over 50 times. Who will claim the throne? How will his dynasty fare in the war against the kingdom of Aia? Do synthetics deserve rights in the free-cities? Who knows!! You’ll just have to read the book like everyone else.

Concept Art

I commissioned a couple of artists to do some concept pieces for Synthetics. Here’s what my money bought. The first two are what I would consider canon-ish appearances of the synthetic. This may change as time goes one if I commission more artists, these are just concept pieces.

All these pieces are wonderful artwork and I am eternally grateful to the artists for providing me with an image to go along with my concept.

All artists were referred to the ‘synthetics’ section of this webpage, and were given a specific set of instructions. I have included each set of instructions as the ‘image description’ for each image.

If you are interested in commissioning these artists, you can check them out at the following links.

The artist of the first two images:

The artist of the last image:

The description I gave the artist:
Laying down on a stainless steel operating table.
No skin plating except for the face, everything is totally mechanical.
Their torso is open so that it can be worked on.
A lot of wires are hanging out of them and off the side of the table.
This is a character concept. The description I gave the artist:
Half-inch (one-centimeter) gaps between the skin plating, wires are visible underneath.
Skin looks like normal skin otherwise.
They are missing small areas of skin plating on the shoulder and below the ribs.
They are wearing a gray medieval-style doublet, very fancy.
They are female.
This is a character concept. The description I gave the artist:
Half-inch (one-centimeter) gaps between the skin plating, wires are visible underneath.
Skin looks like normal skin otherwise.
They are missing small areas of skin plating on the shoulder and below the ribs.
They are wearing a white medieval-style cloak with the hood down.


To read the teaser/first chapter, click here.

Please note that this teaser is subject to change. I will probably be changing it (just polishing it up a little, maybe adding a few paragraphs here and there.) I’ll likely announce if and when I change it on this section of the page, so be sure to check back if you’re ever curious.

Interested in learning more?

If you have any questions regarding the project that weren’t answered here, or would like to learn more or contact me for any reason, you can email me at nicolasgiovannistagliano(at)gmail(dot)com