I review things and put them on this page. This page will be updated continuously as I review new things. These are just my subjective, personal thoughts on the given thing (movie, book, media, object, whatever.) Usually they’re longform reviews. Maybe I’ll include images. Who knows.

Nobody is paying me to write these reviews, I did not receive anything for free. (If you would like to pay me or send me things, I’ll only do it on the condition that a dishonest or forcibly-positive review is not coerced. Contact me.)

Originally I reviewed things as posts, but I pulled them and am going to put them here (so as not to clog up my ramblings). I might expand on them too.


For a Breath I Tarry by Zelazny

Nothing yet. I have some thoughts, I just need to write them down. Meditations of Aurelius, Discourses of Epictetus, Bible Doctrine by Grudem, among a ton of others. I don’t read books at a very fast pace. I don’t have a ton of energy for it and my reading environment is horrible (dog always barking, family shouting for me, all the things.)



I have some reviews on other platforms, I just need to make pages for them. I plan on adding Pulp Fiction, Greyhound, Joker, Goodfellas, The Godfather, The Bad Seed, Hard Candy, Predestination, Swallow, Prisoners, Old, Moon, High Life, Alita: Battle Angel, Suicide Squad, John Wick, Synchronic, Vivarium, and Upgrade, and most likely a few others, as well as new ones as I watch them.

Video Games

Final Fantasy Legend

Chess Ultra




Subserial Network

Sun Dogs

I plan on adding Mount and Blade: Warband, Super Metroid, Ocarina of Time, Galaga, Slime Rancher, Archaid, Elite Dangerous, Sable, Himno, Cardinal Quest 2, Localhost, Axiom Verge, and new ones as I play them.

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