This is a directory of all my internet writings. You can see my blog, reviews, etcetera. Some posts that are strictly writings may be in the “personal” directory; stuff that is about me will go there, while stuff that is about things external to myself (even if related) will go here.

My “Blog”

My blog // I have a blog, which I endearingly refer to as my “ramblings”. Feel free to check it out. It’s mostly opinions and things I’m thinking about.


These are reviews and opinions on a bunch of things.

Video Games

Chess Ultra // Beautiful, but bare-bones

5d Chess // Chess in four axes

Event[0] // A great game and excellent story, but too short

:THE LONGING: // Totally unique, not for everyone, but a masterpiece

Subserial Network // There’s no game with similar gameplay, but somehow it’s a fucking masterpiece

Sun Dogs // A “transhumanist adventure”, a completely unique experience

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