Radial Drift

What is Radial Drift?

Radial Drift is a science-fiction horror novel that is currently in its third draft of many. The narrative is meant to be a contemplation of our humanity, and at what point that humanity is lost (as well as just catharsis through writing horror.)

What’s the plot?

Mankind has mastered the wormhole, and has sent probes throughout the galaxy. Two off-world colonies have been established; one is a subterranean colony on a not-quite-terraformed Mars, and the other is an overworld colony on a planet called Inos.

People have begun to upgrade their bodies in order to surpass the limits of their biology, and this radicalized a group of people known as the Purists. The state conveniently overlooks this radicalization, which caused a large number of people to lash out against the state. These people formed a group which is called (working title) the Red Salutem.

In the midst of colonization, interplanetary traffic and cargo, the Salutem raids cargo vessels in order to get resources and send a message back to the Mars Republic.

Yvonne Leske was one such person; when her vessel was raided, she lost everything. She’s been biding her time and biting the bullet for years, but now, she has set out on a personal vendetta to stop the Salutem by any means necessary. This novel is her story.