Radial Drift

What is Radial Drift?

Radial Drift is currently my primary project. It is set in the same world/canon as my now-scrapped project, Ynodiu, but much earlier in the timeline and on a different set of planets.

Radial Drift is a science-fiction horror novel that is currently in its third draft of many. It is set in a post-scarcity world with severe social problems. The narrative is meant to be a contemplation of our humanity, and at what point that humanity is lost (as well as just catharsis through writing horror.)

What’s the world like?

After severe government-mandated depopulation almost a thousand years ago, the world’s population is finally up to over a couple hundred million people. With just enough people on the planet to maintain a few big cities across the globe and some existing infrastructure, there is no more hunger, homelessness, and there is no concern for overpopulation and overcrowding. The few cities that exist are large, and with the threats of global issues in the past, humanity has been able to focus solely on progress. Mankind has tamed the wormhole and left the confines of their own solar system. There are three off-world colonies, one of which is Mars.

That being said, although mankind had shed the confines of the solar system, it had yet to shed the confines of its vices. The presence of human greed, crime, and terrorism is still a looming threat to civilization.

What’s the plot?

I can’t divulge too much, but the summarized version is that a person’s husband was taken and killed by a group of terrorists, and she is hell-bent on revenge. In the process of getting her revenge in the name of humanity, she has to do things that make her progressively lose her humanity. The underlying question is at what point does she lose her humanity altogether.