About this page

This page is where I will document my road to getting an Elo rating of 2000 in chess. I will post updates every so often, as I hit (or miss) my deadlines and re-adjust if I miss.

(not putting my current Elo up right now because I ragequit a bunch and now it’s off, I’ll need to play a few and balance it off a bit. It was around 1200-1400.)

My New Years’ resolution was to get my chess rating (via lichess) to 1800 by the end of the year.

Ultimately, my goal is to hit 2000. (lichess ratings are said to be a tad higher than USCF or FIDE ratings but… I’m not planning on competing :p)

Accountability plugs

My Lichess profile is nicolasstagliano. If you want to check out my profile or challenge me to a game you can find my profile here.

My goals and self-imposed deadlines

1600 by June 21st, 2021

1800 by December 31, 2021

2000 by December 31, 2022

1800 by whenever I graduate university I guess


June 4th, 2021

I’ve given myself half a year for each increment of 200 points (assuming I was sitting at around 1400 on New Years, though I can guarantee it was lower, so *roughly* 200.) The climb to 1600 is going to be the most painful I reckon, because I didn’t study chess AT ALL during the 20-21 school year and only got back into it a bit ago. I’ve decided to sell my soul to chess for one godforsaken month and see how much sheer improvement I can see in that time. Right now I’m doing a few dozen tactics a day. I might study some endgames as well; lichess tactics analysis says that endgames are one of my weakest links (the other being pins).

August 27th, 2021

I must admit that I was obscenely optimistic with my progress: I could have done it if I was studying chess full-time, but I am not. I have academic responsibilities that must take absolute precedence over this; I have done away with all the former goals (notice the strikethrough), and decided that a more realistic goal is to just shoot for 1800 by the time I graduate university. Who knows how many years that will be, and if I have the time and money I’d love to pursue grad school but that’s so far into the future that I’m not even going to think about it right now, it’s a distant fantasy.

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