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Baseless Dogma.

Where the rising ape meets the falling angel. A perfect phrase, from a movie where Death (the reaper) has to fill in for Santa and deliver gifts in his absence, and Santa’s off doing god-knows-what. Who knows what the origin of the phrase is; if that is the origin or if it’s somewhere else. I’mContinue reading “Baseless Dogma.”


For so long now I’ve been trying to discern and separate the ‘human’ thought from the biological instinct, constantly taking myself apart like some kind of machine, trying to find schematics that don’t exist. Over the course of the past couple of weeks, somehow I realized the “animal” is not separate from the human; ourContinue reading “Human”

Ancient and primitive.

Pure, involuntary passions: rage, arousal, fear. Pre-neolithic. Ancient and primitive. Reduce the concept of a person to its most basic elements. Bring them to the point of raw expression. Boil a person down to nothing. Vivisected. Naked, exposed. Remove the husk; strip away the excess, the humanity, and what is left? This is something I’veContinue reading “Ancient and primitive.”

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Baseless Dogma


Ancient and Primitive

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