This is my subjective, personal set of principles regarding design. Many of my compositions, this website included, are built around these principles

The principles

Keep only what is needed. Do away with excess, the over-saturation, “aesthetic” padding, vacant spaces and dead channels.

Get straight to the point. No monologues or needless drivel before the main topic, unless they’re strictly necessary. Only after you get to the point.

Less is not always best, more is not always better. I tend not to compromise functionality for sake of minimalism, but tacking on excess does not equate to better. Undertones of the first principle here.

Verbosity is fine, but not past the boundary of self-indulgence. Excessive embellishment is a bit navel-gazey.

Be as precise as possible, unless imprecision is prudent. Echoes of the second principle here.

That’s all the ones I can articulate at the moment. More will likely come as my subconscious principles bubble to the surface of my psyche.