This is a full list of cybernetic implants in Ynodiu, at one point in the timeline available freely in the Grand Inos, later only available to the wealthy.


Cortical Stimulation Array, Adrenal
The host can control their adrenal output to perfectly match their activity. This is often paired with a microsensor.

Cortical Microsensor, Adrenal
The host gets a readout of their adrenaline and cortisol levels, as well as recommended values and warnings when they get too high or low. This is often paired with an Adrenal Stimulation Array.

Cortical Reconstruction Apex
The host regenerates and is protected from head trauma to an extent a purely-biological person would not be able.

Cortical Input
An information input at the base of the neck. Requires a special type of plug. Useless if not paired with a Cortical Synch.

Cortical Synch
Consciousness backup into a localized data registry. Upon death, the registry is transferred into a new body via hardwired connection between the two bodies.

Stimulation Array, Cricoid, Epiglottal, Cocal, Laryngis
Much louder voice, much wider vocal range. Control over vocal range to a precision otherwise impossible to a fully biological person.

Full Body

Cellular Reconstruction Apex
Regeneration of fleshwounds at a much faster rate than what would be possible, able to survive more fatal wounds than the fully biological individual.

Collateral Circulatory Apex
Prevents blood clots from killing any extremities and certain organs, gives warnings and readings if blood clots form.

Chrome Apex
Complete plating of all platable bones, hydraulic servo augmentation added to joints.

Neuroelectric Apex
Grants resistance to minor to moderate electric shocks, as well as the ability to generate minor to moderate electric shocks through the palms.


Radial Palmar Incendiary
A small, motion-locked combustion engine embedded in the palms that allows the user to shoot flames from their palms. Requires fuel through a port in their wrist.

Plexus Stimulation Array, Brachial
Stronger arms, wrists, and shoulders. Greater precision. Must be paired with stimulation array for biceps and triceps.

Stimulation Array, Biceps and Triceps
Stronger arms, wrists, and shoulders. Greater precision. Must be paired with stimulation array for Brachial Plexus.

Chrome knuckle plating
Chromium plating on the knuckle bones.

Chrome digitum plating
Chromium plating on the finger bones.


Chrome Ilium Plating
Chromium plating on the hip bones

Stimulation Array, Quadriceps Femoris
Stronger legs and hips, greater precision.

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