About the website

This website is an index of all my projects, thoughts, and life goals.

This website is organized into “index directories”: pages dedicated to all my pages of a certain topic or theme, such as “personal” or “writings”. In each directory, you will be able to find the various static pages that make up the site. Each project or topic gets its own page. It’s organized by topic.

There was a period of stagnation between 2020-2022 in which this website did not get much attention, but I am beginning to write more and the website will be filling out as 2022 reaches fulfillment.

This website will see updates weekly.

About the Nicolas

I’m a computer-science undergrad from the US, interested in astronomy, recreational mathematics, philosophy, chess, and whatever catches my obsession for a few months.

I run a space podcast, I’m currently working on a novel, and if I get smart enough I’d like to program esolangs.

I like to play chess in my lone time. I am @nicolasstagliano on lichess, if you wanted to challenge me to a game.

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