I’m a computer-science undergrad from the US, interested in astronomy, recreational mathematics, casual philosophy, chess, and whatever catches my obsession for a few months.

My age: don’t ask. I’m in my mid-20s and I want it to remain that way for maybe the next 30-40 years…

My religion is some silly cross between Christianity and semi-rationalism (my own term). I’m rather entrenched in Christian dogma but rationalism is appealing.

Right now, as a hobby I am trading and flipping pokemon cards, retro video games, and retro tech. The time-to-money ratio makes it terribly inefficient, but it is a fun pastime. If I find it as fun as watching TV but I can make pocket money doing it, I figured… why not? (Currently, I’m trying to collect all the VMAX eeveelutions. Interested in trading? Hit me up at nicolasgiovannistagliano (at) gmail (dott) com.)

I like to read and play chess in my lone time. I watch movies and play video games with friends. My goodreads @ is “nicolasstag”, feel free to look me up if you’re curious what I’m reading.

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