Exorcism Journaling

What is meant by “exorcism journaling”? A short while ago, I got into the habit of keeping a journal of sorts. Instead of writing reflections and thoughts coherently, I simply write emotional vomit; that is, I write all my negative emotions and discontentment in a near-but-not-quite stream-of-consciousness manner. It’s not meant to be well-phrased, thought-out,Continue reading “Exorcism Journaling”

The Purgation of Ego

Ego in this context In order to understand what I mean when I say “I want to eliminate my ego”, I need to clearly define what I mean by the term “ego”. The Merriam Webster defines ego as “the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world”. Elimination of ego in this contextContinue reading “The Purgation of Ego”