Body and Soul

God has graced the human being with the most divine of the mental faculties: rational thought. With rational thought comes intent and meaning behind action and inaction as opposed to idle existence; with rational thought comes self control. It’s what separates us from the beasts; we are not slaves to our base passions.

It strikes me as bizarre and strange that humans possess sexual attraction when in reality we’re nothing more than a bunch of souls inhabiting sacks of skin, muscle, and bone — a fact that remains true regardless of an individual’s biological gender and sociological gender identity.

Would it not be logical, then, for the the immutable qualities of the human soul to be the focal point of our attraction? The beauty of our divine souls in substitution for the flawed, temporary form of our flawed, temporary bodies?

Yet, it seems that the desire of the flesh within which we inhabit is to interface with other flesh; a sexual desire which threatens to override our mental faculty and virtue of self-control if we are not vigilant in maintaining that mental faculty.

The divine souls within us also desire to interface with other souls just as our bodies desire to interface with other bodies — this is true — but we cannot interface, cannot seem to connect enough to satisfy the desire through social interaction alone. The human’s primary mode is to interface.

When we shuffle this mortal coil I pray that we are put in perfect bodies that don’t possess sexual attraction; I pray that our souls will shine brilliantly through our bodies and be able to interface with other souls — free from the baggage of our flawed flesh. If they do though, it will be by God’s design, and I will be happy to contend with my own contentions.

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